Craftsmanship is cumbersome and the challenges are not small

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Penholders, tissue boxes, backrests, pillows, curtains, plaques, pendants, furniture, etc. The quality of the craftsmanship from the hickory is hard and lifelike. Exquisite patterns, ancient and natural color, people can not put it down. The once empty and empty seed of Hickory, after Wang Chenxu's unique design and processing, became a delightful handicraft.
Recently, under the leadership of Wang Chenxu, the author walked into the factory that produced hickory empty seed crafts. I saw two workers are holding a special glue carefully to a piece of pecan tablets in accordance with the small shoe mold glued into a beautiful pen holder. "These pecan slices are cut with a special cutter and are evenly 1 cm thick. After cutting, the walnuts are removed and the walnut slices are washed and dried to make them sticky." Introduce, while looking at the pen holder that has just been glued.
Hickory crafts is a long history of Han traditional handicrafts. Taking the hickory empty seeds as raw materials, it adopts high-tech methods to deal with the natural form of its pattern and color, and is processed through dozens of processing procedures such as cutting, polishing, bonding and fine carving.
Wang Chenxu told the author: "I would like to turn this little walnut into a handicraft. It's not that simple! Slices, skewers, scrubs, glues, polishes... I have to say more than a dozen processes, almost all by hand." Wang Chenxu Introduced, "An ordinary small shoe-shaped pen holder requires about half a catty of Hickory, while an ordinary piece of plaque requires more than 20 kilos of empty seed pecans, each of which must be adhered to the model by a small amount. If one piece is not sticky, the entire handicraft may dissipate, so be very patient.”
After mastering the basic craftsmanship, Wang Chenxu began to study the handicraft painting, carving and lettering. The lacquered pecan handicraft not only maintains the natural and natural lines, but also adds a lot of fresh colors. The wood carving plaque is engraved with “Hai Na Bai Chuan”, and the wood carving chair has more massage functions. The antique is exquisite and elegant.
Recently, Wang Chenxu has had new creative ideas. He told the author that although a lot of hickory seed has been valued at the moment, the middle parts of them have been used up, but in the face of piles of “circular hats” that have been cut off and left unused, how to turn waste into waste? What about treasure? He feels it is a pity if he has lost so many materials. After many wonders, Wang Chenxu decided to use these "round hats" to make a pair of simple massage slippers. "Wearing such a pair of slippers for 15 minutes will make you feel refreshed. For such a pair of slippers, I will continue to innovate, and in the future we will produce pecan slippers that can be automatically massaged. At the same time, we will create more attractive products. And practical pecan crafts."
Today, Wang Chenxu has established a formal production line. Crafts have changed from monotonous styling to as many as a dozen kinds of styling. The characters on crafts have also changed from original plastic characters to wooden characters that are now purely carved. The paintwork on handicrafts is also more sophisticated.
At the same time, Wang Chenxu's sales road is also steadily more stable, sold the crafts, sold throughout the country. At first, he vigorously promoted by participating in trade fairs and other ways to strive to open up the market. Hickory crafts with great ornamental and collection value have attracted the attention of many people and have been favored by customers in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong. At the fair, orders from customers such as France, Japan and the United States were obtained.
"These crafts are mainly for the domestic market. At present, we are trying to open up foreign markets. It is expected that we will completely open foreign markets in the second half of this year," said Wang Chenxu.
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