Learning to create handicrafts and inheriting folk culture

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In order to better protect and pass on the folk culture, recently the staff of the Red Rock community in Baoji Huergu Township, Huolinguole City organised the “Learning of traditional lanterns and cultural festivals and cultural heritage” activities, and learned from the learned craftsman Xue Zhaorong of the jurisdiction of the area. Traditional handmade lantern making techniques.
More than 10 staff worked under the guidance of veteran entertainers to create lanterns using scraps and old objects. Nearly two hours later, two distinctive lotus lanterns are displayed in front of everyone's eyes. The lanterns filled with lanterns made by the staff are filled with joy. The Redstone Community adheres to the spirit of the 19th National Congress, strengthens its cultural self-confidence, continuously digs deeper into the intangible cultural heritage of the area, organizes learning exchanges from time to time, and allows non-heritage culture to “fire up” in its jurisdiction, allowing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the People among the people. "Rise up."
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